6:46 AM

Josh Levine: Mild contractions since 4am. Not sure if this is the real deal yet, but were monitoring.

Sara Levine: Awesome

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward:  :)0 Love to my daughter and you

9:03 AM

Josh Levine: They're breaking christa's water now. Everything is going normal, but it's the real deal. Probably late today he will pop out.

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Thoughts and prayers for you all. Blessings mom Right on time too

Sara Levine:  Ahhhh!!!

11:57 AM

Josh Levine:  3 cm down, 7 to go. On her second round of drugs which are fantastic! Getting ready for an epidural in about 30 min, but everything is going fine. Zachy is rocking a steady 130-150 heart beat.

Sara Levine: Right on!

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Yeah

Carla Kriegbaum: Good deal. Give her a hug for me

Dad Levine: Go Zachie

1:26 PM

Josh Levine: On an epidural, happy as a clam. She's taking a nap now. Those things are amazing!

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: :) Sent the flight to you

Josh Levine: Great

Sara Levine: Sounds great, can I get some of that??

3:12 PM

Josh Levine: 6cm and napping!

Untitled photo

Dad Levine: Good she needs the rest

Sara Levine: I'm sure she'll appreciate you sending pictures of her knocked out

Dad Levine: Could be woise

6:00 PM

Josh Levine: 8cm dilated, at station +2 (top of head 2 cm below the pelvis, which is nice and low). Christas napping again but current eta is pushing starting around 7 or 8 pm and lasting for about 2 hrs.

Sara Levine: Sweet!

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: I'm exhausted love to sissy

Dad Levine: Sounds good

Josh Levine: Christa's nice and relaxed and happy.

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: So glad for her:)

Josh Levine:

Untitled photo

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Sweet girl dad says she sure is pretty

Dad Levine: That's good. She needs the rest

Josh Levine: Pushing just starting

Carla Kriegbaum: Sensing love and strength Sending

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Love all around

Sara Levine: Ahhh!

Dad Levine: We love you both

Josh Levine: Wait, they made her Stop because they're understaffed for the next ~30 min. We should have booked their outlook calendar beforehand.

Dad Levine: Also Jeopardy's on

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Serious

Josh Levine: No, dancing with the stars

Sara Levine: Even better

8:26 PM

Dad Levine: Wuzzup?

Josh Levine: Christas still doing the potty dance as the nurses are still tied up. She's actually fine (and the time makes zachy easier to pop out when she pushes), but she is ready to go and no ones here yet. She's passing the time napping. We checked in and the nurses said they'd be available soon.

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Strength again and much love

Josh Levine: Now were starting

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Thank god

Sara Levine: Woohoo! Get him the hell outta that uterus!

Dad Levine: It's baby time👶

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Amen to that

Josh Levine: Saw a little bit of the head a moment ago and then he went back

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Come back Zachary How's sissy

Dad Levine: Tell him it's time already

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Glad you are there josh.

Sara Levine: I'd be a little concerned if he weren't there...

Josh Levine: I'm holding a leg, counting for the pushing and texting between contractions. There's no law about not texting between contractions is there?

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Well spoken peter. From grandmas

Dad Levine: It's required in 2014

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: This is multitasking

Dad Levine: That's how Josh rolls

Josh Levine: Last couple of contractions I held both legs and counted for her while the nurse did paperwork :-)

Sara Levine: Haha

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Yeah do we have Zachary

Dad Levine: We're watching a really good John Cusack movie

9:11 PM

Sara Levine: Baby? Ooh which one?

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: A healthy one

Dad Levine: I forget the name but it's from 1989 and it's w Ione Skye

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: 911 a porche corea

Sara Levine: Say Anything. Good one!

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: That was the time from dad Steve

Sara Levine: ?

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Is a cool car peter born 911! A good omen

Josh Levine: 1:05 into pushing. Still being a little stubborn, but everything is going normally. Christa is a little tiered but says this is way easier than contractions

Marcia Dryjanski-Ward: Stay strong. We love and are behind you

Dad Levine: We're with you

55 minutes later, on 3-June-2014 at 10:32PM Zachary Alexander Levine was born. 7 lbs 10 oz and 20 inches long (and an impressive 8 and 9 on his APGAR scores)

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