SF North Beach Scavenger Hunt Pub Crawl 2013 - Teachers Edition


This scavenger hunt pub crawl was predicated on certain conditions that were specific to the time it was given (i.e. menu prices or graffiti).  If you want to re-use it you will need to check what has changed and modify the hunt accordingly.


* The goal is to get as many points as you can.  There are 171 total possible points.

* Challenges can be performed in any order.

* Anytime there is a “_______” fill it out.

* [Photo] means you must take a picture of the team member(s) participating.

* [Group Photo] means you must get a picture taken with your entire group via stranger or camera timer.

* If there is a special item for a particular task, you must put it back when you are done or be awarded no points for that task

* There will be three parts with two stops.

    - Meet at Melt (Columbus & Filbert) at 2:30. The Hunt starts at 3:30.

    - Part I will end at a bar that you must arrive at before 5:30. The second section and set of clues will be handed out at 6:00.

    - Part II ends at dinner that you must arrive at before 7:50.

    - Your team will be awarded 1 point for every 5 minutes early your whole team arrives at the intermediate bar and/or dinner location

    - Part III will begin after dinner and end when people go home.

* Every team gets one free life-lines to call me for hints (xxx.xxx.xxxx), future lifelines cost 1 pt (Unless I messed up).

Social Challenges to get points at any time during Part I or Part II [22 pts total]

* [2 pts] [Photo] Mimic a street performer

* [2 pts] [Photo] Get a stranger to let you push their baby in a stroller at least 1/2 block. [+3 pts] Have the stranger take the baby out and push you in the stroller

* [3 pts] [Group Photo] Have your whole team swap clothes with each other in the park [2 pts] Get a photo with at least one asian tourist. [+1pt] If they do a peace sign

* [2 pts] [Group Photo] Vouge with a group of strangers

* [2 pts] [Photo] Walk a dog for at least 1/2 block

* [2 pts] [Photo] Ride a strangers bike at least 1 block. [+1pt] If they ride and you’re on the handle bars.

[2 pts] [Photo] Sit on a random persons blanket in the park

Part I [59 pts total]

1. Thread

    a. [2 pts] Go to the street near the starting bar whose name is a location known for producing the drink “Water of Life”: ____________ [Scotland]

    b. [2 pts] Go to the yellow awning then find the red door that is not a door. Record the last three numbers on the adjacent electric box: _____________ [900]

    c. [2 pts] Count the number of yellow rectangles on the yellow garage and multiply by 2: _______ [40]

    d. Add the two numbers: _______ [940]

    e. Go to that address on Filbert

    f. Go to the Taylor St entrance.

    g. [3 pts] Assemble the code:

        i. What is the subject of William Blake’s most famous poem _________ [Tyger]

            1. Count the number of stripes _______ [19]

        ii. The number of whiskers on the lion ______ [8]

        ii. The number of spots on the ladybug ______ [4]

    h. [1 pt] [Group Photo]  Take your newly transport to filbert and taylor

    i. [4 pts] [Photo] Have one person ride to Greenwich St.

   j. [6 pts] [Photo] Bonus: Have every member of your group have a go!

    k. Replace the transport and lock (no points will be awarded for the whole thread if you don’t)

2. Go to the Filbert Parking garage.

    a. [2 pts] What unique building material is this building constructed with that is only in 2 buildings in SF ______________ [Clinker Brick]

    b. [2 pts] Where and when did this building material come from? _____________ [The rubble from the 1906 earthquake]

    c. Hint: Scott or Laura might be able to help you out.

3. [4 pts] Take a seat with Louise Marini by the playground and take a peak below. [Group Photo] Play Frisbee in the park with a stranger. [-2 pts] if the photo isn't with the entire group 4. Mini-Thread

    a. [2 pt] Have a prohibition ale at the joint with “The Best Burger Several years in a row”

    b. [1 pt] [Group Photo]  Photo by the painted “painted ladies” with your brews [2 pt]

    c. Everyone Loves fixin’s on their burgers, but which fixin’ loves these burgers? ___________ [The Onion]

        i. Hint: Look Up

5. [2 pts] Outside, on a Melting hot day, if you were to ride your bike to a castle, what would you be drinking? _____________ & _____________ [Fat Tire & Smithwicks]

6. Thread

    a. [2 pts] [Photo] Go 25 paces South East from Melt & take a pict hanging from the tree that’s bound in pink to another piece of wood

    b. [2 pts] On the same island, learn the next destination inside the place where you will find your next job. _______ [Mama’s]

        i. Hint: Google Maps might be a block off

    c. [2 pts] What is the price of a large Fresh Fruit? ________ [$5.95]

    d. [2 pts] The service industry didn’t work out too well for you. Head West & try your hand at Real Estate to find your next destination. ___________ [North Beach Properties]

    e. [2 pts] A new hip Giant’s store will be opening up adjacent to you. What design website would you go to to learn more ___________________ [NATE1DESIGN.COM]

7. [2 pts] [Photo] Take a picture where you read the name the four Salesian’s that came to North Beach in 1897 and record them here. _______________, ______________, _______________, _______________ [Fr. Raphael Piperni, Fr. Victor Cassini, Br.O. Nicholas Imielinski, Br.O. Joseph Oreni]

8. [2 pts] When is the big time capsule in the park to be opened? _______ [2079]

9. Find the sporty club by the post office

    a. [2 pts] What was its name from 1942 - 78? _________ [SF Athletic Club]

    b. [2 pts] Why was it changed to that name in 1942? ______________________________________________ [Italian was removed because of anti-Italian sentiment]

10. [2 pts] Whose Park Bench believes that everything’s gonna be alright? _______________ [Tim Cutler]

11. [5 pts] This X-Men Character absorbs your powers. Find her before 5:30 and grab a drink. (After 5:30 no points will be awarded)

* Next set of clues to come at 6:00 at the Part I/II transition bar.

Part II [53 pts total]

1. Thread

    a. [2 pts] Turn right out of the Part I/II transition bar. Write down the name of Chef Boyardee’s restaurant ______________ [Original Joes]

    b. [4 pts] Continue to the actual restaurant, then across the street to the rival restaurant. Continue past to the alley on the right. Learn a little more about SF’s smoking ordinances. On that sign there are several numbers. Find the two digit number that is also the address of one of the buildings on this street and which is written on the outside of that building. ________ [38]

    c. [2 pts] Go back to Chef Boyardee’s and find out what dinner item has that same price __________________ [New York 16 oz]

    d. [2 pts] Find that name in white letters in a nearby awning. Record the next word on the awning. ______________ [Delicatessen]

    e. [2 pts] Find the highest yelp rated of these establishments within 6 blocks and with over 400 reviews _________________ [Molanari]

    f. [2 pts] [Photo] What is the name of the tiniest ravioli in clear packaging? ________________________ [Bella Italia Raviolini with Cheese]

2. [2 pts] Go to the covered bus stop with five busses at the intersection bordered by 6 banks. Look up and write down the center bus number _______ [30]

3. [2 pts] Have at least one team member get a slice of pizza or a drink at Golden Boy’s Pizza then find out the slogan for “Al Bundy for President” ________________________ [He’s as good as the next guy] Hint: The wall towards the back

4. [2 pts] [Group Photo] Have the group pose at any intersection for an Abbey Road Shot

5. [2 pts] [Photo] Memorialize Dignity with a photo on Green St, West of Stockton St.

6. [2 pts] Cross the street and figure out what that establishment is a “Perveyor” of _________________ [Scotch & Irish Whiskey]

7. Mini-Thread

    a. [2 pts] Find the home of the original bacon wrapped tater tots. ___________ [The board room]

    b. [2 pts] Relieve yourself to find the name of beverage on special. _____________ [Tecate & Fernet]

    c. [2 pts] [Group Photo] Buy the specialty and take a group photo where you found the drink clue. 

    d. [1 pts] What two famous athletes signatures are here? _______________, ______________ [Muhammad Ali, Joe Namath]

8. [3 pts] Find this brightly colored Bolivian Restaurant. _____________________ [Pena Pachamama]

    a. What Famous Athlete & Sex Symbol used to frequent this location ______________________ [Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe]

9. Thread

    a. [2 pts] From outside the Part I/II transition bar find out how many cats are hunting fish. _______ [4]

    b. [2 pts] Go to where these cat’s validate parking _______________________ [North Beach Garage 735 Vallejo St]

    c. [2 pts] In this establishment, go to the handicap spots at 25 Ave A, New York, NY 10009. Go to the hut that is in your future ____________________ [Loving Hut]

    d. [2 pts] Go Veg. Go ________ & Grant to Whet your whistle [Green].

    e. [2 pts] Drink a Russian Farm Animal. What’s it called? __________________ [Moscow Mule]

    f. [2 pts] Challenge a Stranger to Buck Hunter

    g. [1 pts] Find the PBR sign that is misspelled. What does it say. ________________ [PBR STEET GANG]

    h. [1 pts] Who’s on the zero dollar bill _____________ [Obama]

10. [5 pts] Meet at Vicoletto for dinner before 7:50pm. (After 7:50 no points will be awarded)

* Enjoy a nice meal

* Next set of clues to come after dinner is done.

Part III [37 pts total]

Part three will be a bit differen. We’ll all be going together, and will be focusing on social challenges. Some establishments will have specific challenges, but you can do the following anywhere:

1. The Anywhere List

    a. [6 pts] [Group Photo]  Make a human pyramid with 6 people including everyone in your group and no one else from the party

    b. [3 pts] [Group Photo] Everyone in your group hang from something simultaneously

    c. [3 pts] [Photo] Four people from your group stand on a fire hydrant simultaneously.

    d. [4 pts] [Group Photo] Vogue or Robot with your entire group and a group of strangers

    e. [2 pts] [Group Photo] Take a picture of your group with the bartender

    f. [3 pts] Challenge a group of strangers to a drinking game

    g. [2 pts] [Photo]  Take a picture in a bathroom of the opposite sex

    h. [3 pts] [Group Photo] Play leap-frog with your entire team and at least two strangers

2. Savoy Tivoli

    a. [3 pts] [Group Photo] Make your own flight of wines or beers within your group and critique them snobbishly.

3. Columbus Cafe

    a. [3 pts] [Group Photo] Take a group photo in the photo booth with your entire group at one time

4. O’Rielly’s

    a. [3 pts] [Group Photo]Look up a good Irish drinking song, grab at least one stranger and lead them in a round

    b. [2 pts] [Group Photo] Everyone in your group must sip (don’t shoot) a Jameson product other than standard Jameson

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